Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Burg Con coming soon!

Just a reminder for anyone living in Berlin who might read this: Burg Con is happening next weekend! (June 18th / 19th)

It's the 20th Burg Con, so something of an anniversary. To celebrate they've proposed the theme of old-school RPGs this year. A theme which is close to my heart :)

It'll be my first time there... and also the first time I've ever run a game at a con!

You can get full info about the con here, and a description about the (English-speaking) game I'll be running here.

Entry is only €5 -- a bargain! It should be a lot of fun.


  1. Having moved to Berlin recently, I was thinking of looking for an English-speaking RPG group... Typing "RPG english Berlin" was my first idea, and I found this blog! That was easy enough... :)

    The idea of the blog is very nice! I was also happy to see that people are still interested in old-style D&D. So the obvious question: where to go/what to do to meet other players and find a group?



  2. Hey Fernando, good to hear from you! And I'm glad you found the blog so easily -- that was the idea, to make an easily google-able contact point for people new to Berlin.

    As to where to find a group, I can suggest two things:

    1. You're totally welcome to join my group! (The old-school D&D campaign.) We play on Wednesday evenings every two weeks. Send me an email (you can find it in the "about me" sidebar) if you're interested! The next session will be on July 29th.

    2. Join the facebook group and post a message asking if anyone's running games and is looking for new players. I've heard of a couple of other campaigns currently running, but I've not actually met most of the people on the facebook group as yet, so I can't say for sure if the campaigns I've heard about are still active or looking for players...

    Good luck, and maybe meet you soon if you fancy some old-school dungeoneering! ;)