Saturday, 25 June 2011

Fallout campaign

So, another campaign in the city which I have first-hand knowledge of is one in which I'm a player.

The campaign is run by my friend Yves, and is set in the universe of the Fallout computer games. Neither I nor any of the other players have any experience of these games, so we're still getting to know the world and the kind of thing that goes on there. Broadly speaking it's a North American post-apocalyptic setting -- the games take place some centuries after a great nuclear war happened. Technology before the war was fairly advanced, with robots, spaceships, energy weapons and fusion power. So of course now these relics of the old days are highly valuable, and sought after by scavengers who roam the wilderness.

Our group is composed of three main characters: Dexx (my character) who is a street thief from the ruins of Los Angeles, Craig, a "super mutant" who roams the desert, and Rhiannon, an exile from Vault 21 (a nuclear bunker which has remained isolated from the rest of the world).

Our adventures so far have led us across the desert, through several degenerate towns, into giant trash heaps, radioactive ruins and, most recently, an ancient greenhouse full of mutant plants! It's been a lot of fun :)

We're using the Savage Worlds rules for the game, which, I find, have a nice balance between simplicity and flexibility of character options.

Yves writes a blog about the setting and our adventures here.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Burg Con coming soon!

Just a reminder for anyone living in Berlin who might read this: Burg Con is happening next weekend! (June 18th / 19th)

It's the 20th Burg Con, so something of an anniversary. To celebrate they've proposed the theme of old-school RPGs this year. A theme which is close to my heart :)

It'll be my first time there... and also the first time I've ever run a game at a con!

You can get full info about the con here, and a description about the (English-speaking) game I'll be running here.

Entry is only €5 -- a bargain! It should be a lot of fun.