Sunday, 29 May 2011

A facebook group!

Just after starting this blog I thought about the possibilities of using facebook to connect English-speaking roleplayers in Berlin. I've not used facebook before, but it seemed like the perfect platform for connecting people.

And, surprise, surprise, through talking to another Berlin-based GM, I discovered that there's already a facebook group in existence! It's small at the moment, but I guess facebook groups probably have a snowballing behaviour. Check it out.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Old-school D&D campaign

The first active campaign I know about is the game I'm running myself.

The game is a D&D campaign in the traditional style -- exploring weird underground locales, battling strange monsters, "liberating" treasure. So far we've focussed mostly on dungeon adventures, but of course adventures in towns or in the wilderness are also possible. In terms of the style of the games, I'd say the balance is in favour of action and adventure. Mundane activities like talking to tavern-keeps or blacksmiths are largely hand-waved, so that during the sessions we can focus on talking to wizards and monsters instead :)

Inspirations for the campaign include: sword & sorcery (Conan, Lankhmar), old-school D&D (Gord the Rogue, Castle Greyhawk, Gygaxian AD&D), science-fantasy (Dune, Spelljammer). The tone is explicitly non-heroic -- these characters are not out to save the world, they're treasure hunters and adventurers out to get rich quick.

We're playing using the Labyrinth Lord rules, which are a clone of 1981 D&D -- simple and flexible, allowing imagination & improvisation to take the forefront!

We play every 2 weeks on a Wednesday evening. New players welcome!

I'm also running a game at the BurgCon 20 RPG convention in Berlin, come and join in!



I've created this blog as a central location to gather any information I come across about English-speaking RPG groups in Berlin (Germany).

I live in Berlin, play in a couple of games, and run a regular campaign. We've had difficulty finding other English-speaking role-players, but I'm sure they must be out there somewhere! So with this blog I hope to gradually build up links to other role-playing groups in Berlin, and hopefully create a useful resource for people who are just moving to the city and are looking for a game to join.

I'll talk about the games I currently know of in subsequent posts...